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Using wallpaper is really an adequate solution to bring out the chosen genre to expose the stunning look of your wall. Main advantage of using wallpapers are this is dynamic in purpose and cost-effective whether it is modern or traditional. In Drapes India, we offer wide varieties and popularity of the wallpapers help the person to choose the one of your aspect. There's nothing quite like wallpaper for lending instant color and subtle style to a room, let the walls do all the work. wallpapers on your walls adds instant personal elegant style. From the most beautiful motif to the subtlest texture, wallpapers makes a design statement. can customize the design of their choice. From funky modern kids rooms to elegant old-world dining rooms, any space can be updated and brought together with the right wallpaper. wallpaper has special advantages. It can camouflage flawed or damaged walls, soften rough or irregular architectural features, and unite awkward angles.

  • Create dynamic wall appeals
  • Eye- catching crafted array
  • Supreme quality raw
  • Elegant look

We offer an exquisite collection of wallpapers imported from USA, Italy, Korea and Malaysia etc. in all ranges to fit everyone's budget. From Classic plains to cartoons, floral to abstracts, stones to contemporaries, or from basic to luxury, we have it all. Be it scenery, wildlife, a selfie or family portrait, We make all types of customized wallpapers to match your wall size. There's always a special wall in every living space and nothing makes it livelier and lovable as wallpapers do. Easy to install and easy to change, and when a product is washable, it literally becomes maintenance free.

At Drapes India, wallpapers can be divided into Commercial and Residential wallpapers. Based on the name of the categories themselves, it can be tempting to take the differences at face value; residential wallpaper are for homes and other living spaces, while commercial wallpaper is for public spaces and other commercial settings.

Residential Wallpapers

Residential wallpaper is generally used in the home, whether it’s for a small living, a large bedroom, or a hallway. Most vinyl residential wallpaper are classified as “Type I,” meaning it’s suitable for light duty usage, such as low traffic areas.

Commercial Wallpapers

In contrast to residential wallpapers, commercial wallpapers are manufactured with a specific purpose in mind. For example, Vinyl wallpapers are typically classed as “Type II,” which are medium to heavy duty wallpapers that are geared more towards higher traffic areas. These are used in settings such as retail stores, healthcare centers, schools, and business offices.

Due to the nature of its usage, commercial wallpapers must be produced in accordance to specific performance standards. One example of this is its fire rating and safety classifications. When exploring our collection of contract wallpapers, be sure to keep an eye out for the Product Info & Features, which lists these classifications.


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