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Peps Mattresses

The new revolution in mattress range, feel the real comfort of sleeping with the wide varieties of Peps mattress that, Drapes India exclusively provides. Perfectly designed to cosy with your body that gives you better sleep like never before. With the young and trendy appeal, you will get the optimal comfort level after you whole day busy schedules. Peps mattress are renowned in giving the user the most durable, stylish and comfortable sleep possible, ensuring the user wakes up fresh, energized and ready for the day. The uber-luxurious fusion of style and comfort with stylish and rugged appeal are the key factors that makes the Peps products, the most innovative sleeping products in India.

  • Rejuvenates and wakes you up fresh
  • Friction and noise insulation
  • Undisturbed sleep with royal comfort
  • Ultra-lush knitted with antibacterial fabric

Peps mattresses are specially built to provide better sleep and better back support. They are comfortable and feels good when laid down a world of difference from other kind of mattresses. Drapes India, provides best collection of mattresses in peps range. Delightfully soft with just enough firm to feel equalized, Peps mattress is most recommended for couples with mixed feel preferences, sleepers who frequently change positions, and those who like the best of both worlds. The softest, most plush feel of the Peps Mattress family, it provides an almost weightless feeling. Because you have room to sink into the grid immersively, you benefit from total pressure relief and complete spinal support in your most natural, healthy alignment. Intelligently adapt to your body’s unique pressure points for superior comfort, Properly align your spine in any sleep position, these are some advantages that you can feel from a great night sleep from the next-gen sleep product peps mattress. So, be ready to allure in the captivating pleasure of sleep.


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