King Koil Mattresses

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King Koil Mattresses

The ultimate way to feel like royalty is to enjoy a night's sleep on King Koil mattress that cradles and comforts. Designed to deliver comfort and quality with the outstanding assets of royal appointments with affordable price range. Drapes India, expertise in providing sleep products of International out-stands in Bangalore. King-Koil mattress offers better body support for comfortable sleeping with luxury oriented appeal. Experience world-class comfort of sleeping that offers optimal productivity, exemplary performance and good health. Buying a King-Koil Mattress are an excellent investment in mattress purchase which is absolutely an onetime expense that saves you lot of trouble recalling things.

  • Comfort and pain relief potential
  • Render excellent sleep
  • Unparalleled comfort to deliver restful slumber
  • Affordable luxury in pristine quality

The ideal choice for those who desire a firmer feel, but still want a bit of padding to cushion their body. Ever last foam ensures year after year of sleeping comfort, while the sleep shield offers extra lumbar support for your back. Built to provide additional support, durability, and decreases motion across the mattress. The special foams increases support and pressure relief, while giving the mattress some “bounce”, a similar feel to an innerspring. Individually wrapped coils conform to every curve in your body, and keep partners from feeling each other move. Foam encased edge support makes for a comfortable seating edge. Memory foam in the padding provides superior pressure relief, resilience, and support. The luxurious cover keeps the sleeper cool and comfortable, practically guaranteeing a restful night’s sleep. Treat yourself to a luxurious night’s sleep, every night, with King Koil Mattress. Relish the rest that you’ll get in your new King Koil mattress over night.

King koil mattresses can be divided into two categories: Luxury mattresses and Premium mattresses. They can be further divided into matresses for Home and Hotel.


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