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Drapes India, Bangalore's leading mattress retailer. We all need more sleep, We all know it. Lack of sleep can negatively impact your physical health, memory, mood, stamina and job performance. We can’t get you more hours to sleep but we can get you better sleep with a better bed. Everyone has their own personal sleep style on their mattress that they are comfortable with. Our comfort and care range features mattresses that have been designed in conjunction with and endorsed, by leading back care industry leaders. Some people like to sleep on their back, others on their side, or even on their stomach. A lot of people are versatile too, better sleep can promote a better relationship with your spouse. Whenever you choose a mattress, you are making a long term investment in a big chunk of your day.

  • Assured quality and durability
  • High tension withstand
  • Provides better body support
  • Promotes better sleep

Our range of mattresses is carefully selected to meet every kind of body for an ideal sleep. When it comes to physicality, a mattress is one of the important products. Choose from a variety of comfort levels such as luxury mattress, spine-care mattress, or just foam mattress. Our mattresses are made with a combination of spring and foams such as memory foam, latex foam etc. Attractive deals are always available. We also provide custom-sized mattress. We also offer a wide range of pillows to suit your comfort.

With Drapes India you will find world class mattresses manufactured by a) King Koil and b) Peps.

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