Drapery Rods

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Drapery Rods

Curtain rods can add to the décor factor and be getting them right is a must if you want that glorious effect. You may confused of choosing wood or metal curtain fabrics. These are the typical choices when it comes to curtain rods, but definitely quite tricky. Drapes India, offers best choices for any drapery rod needs. It becomes a challenge all the more because right decorative curtain rod defines and frames your room. If put simply, wood curtain rod infuses a stately feel. It can bring that rustic and natural element in your room, and a metal one can end the monotony of wood in a room and bring a contemporary tint. Drapery is so appealing when styling your windows as the entire wall comes alive with interest. Don’t shy away from designing with drapery, so many fun elements can add flair and drama to enhance your home, from ceiling to floor.

  • Won't cause bending
  • Won't crack
  • Add softness and warmth
  • Use in any setting

Beginning from the top, drapery hardware includes all fixtures that support the fabric. Rods are the most important components to this accessory because they hold your drapery up above the window. Hardware must be firmly attached to the ceiling or wall to ensure the weight of the drapery won’t cause any bending or breaking. Classic, return, and track rods can be used in any setting depending on how you decide to style your drapery. Mounting applications can either be completely hidden or totally visible. Drapes India offers high strength drapery rods, if you have heavy curtains or drapes, then our high quality drapery rods can hold them gracefully. These rods are solid and sturdy, which makes them perfect for your heavy curtains. Not hollow from inside, the chances of cracks or bends will not be there, as well. Mounting applications can either be completely hidden or totally visible. Drapery rods can be categorised into manually operated and motor operated.


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