Artificial Grass

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Artificial Grass

Artificial grasses are designed to satisfy this generations lifestyle aspects. Artificial grass or synthetic grass is great for more than just residential properties, this brightens and enhance the value of commercial spaces too. Commercial spaces and many large companies us the possibilities of artificial grass to upgrade and improve their work space value with visually authentic. Due to the low maintenance aspects, lower water bills and environmental impact makes this artificial grass more popular for the home owners. Drapes India, provides the best in class artificial grass for your residential and commercial purposes to give a permanent solution for your green need.

  • Lowers water bills
  • Avoid use of pesticides
  • Conserve water
  • Low maintenance

When the budget is tight, and you require a beautiful lawn with less or no maintenance, the best option for you is Drapes India's artificial grass. The growth in modern manufacturing techniques have made artificial grass turf extremely difficult to tell apart from natural grass. Our specially artificial grass is manufactured using only the highest quality eco - raw materials and eliminating the need for chemical enhancers, synthetic grass provides a safer, eco- friendly, area for children and pets to play. It comes with benefits like Instantly usable, requires little ongoing maintenance, child and pet friendly and all weather usable. Main speciality of this natural grass is its versatility in use, it can fitted over any space. Artificial grass requires minimal effort to keep it looking perfect. With an effortless hose down being enough to keep your artificial grass turf looking stunning, it’s the should consider option for easy, hassle-free gardening. With little maintenance and the look of natural grass, it’s the perfect solution for your sweet home.


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